Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac

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Below, I'll show you an easy way to do this using the excellent, built-in, and most importantly, free Windows Media Player. Open Windows Media Player. Navigate through the Library until you find the songs you want to burn.

How to Create Audio CD from MP3

Click on the BURN tab on the top-right. Drag 'n' drop your songs from the left into the 'Burn List' on the right. When you're done adding songs, go ahead and click on the BUTTON at the top right as shown in the screenshot it's the one with the small checkbox and down-arrow. This will bring up a small settings menu. In the menu, make sure that 'Audio CD' is checked. Once you're satisfied, click on 'Start Burn'. After the burn has completed, you might choose to test it in your vehicle or home audio system to make sure it worked.

I recommend that you leave your computer alone while it's converting and burning your CD, as this will help minimize errors. If you're having any issues with CD's not burning properly after which they are affectionately known as 'Coasters' , you might want to try unplugging your computer from the internet and temporarily shutting down background processes such as Anti-Virus.

Just be sure to turn them back on before you reconnect the internet connection.

How to create an Audio CD using Burn for the MAC

If you'd like to have a little more control over your burn, or prefer not to use Windows Media Player, you might want to have a look at this excellent article which has several alternatives listed:. This article is a site archive. The fact that you can doesn't mean that you should. MP3 is a lossy compression format, ie, during encoding, part of the audio signal is discarded -- for ever. So the resulting audio CD offers no advantage whatsoever over the original MP3 files. Now, whether or not you will hear or notice that something is missing depends on many variables, not least of which are your own ears and musical education and training, as well as the type of music you are listening to.

If you burn it with iTunes, the correct settings will be chosen automatically. Jan 23, 1: Jan 23, 3: If you really do want to do this after the caveats given above you might want to consider using Max or something similar to convert the MP3 files then burn a CD in your usual way. Jan 23, 4: It is a good idea to check the manual of your player or perform tests to see if there are any limitations on its ability to play MP3 format files.

Some players have problems recognizing files with very long file names or unusual characters in the name.

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Search iTunes help for topics like "Convert songs" or refer to this KBase article about how to do that. This may help explain some of the reasons why gaginker or others might want to forego the space saving advantages of the MP3 format. Fane, first, many thanks for taking the time to explain the complxities of the different formats.

Here's the current project: My son made a CD of audio books in MP3 format, and our little player won't handle it. He told me it was easy to convert them, and as Ho Lee Mac see above instructed, I imported the disc into iTunes, but when it came to burning these files as audio , the time estimated was horrendous - something like five minutes for one chapter of one book, for a total of many many hours. I never use iTunes for that purpose myself. That's the trouble with converting to audio format! The episodes will be the same length as they were when broadcast, usually 25 to 30 min segments, so one mp3 CD can need a lot of audio CDs to transfer to.

Granted, some drives may not play CD-RW, but 80 mins? How old a player did you have in mind? Sounds like an antique to me. Thanks, RC-R. Afraid we don't have the manual, but it's only a cheapie that is used with headphones. Perhaps the easiest way out of this is to swallow our pride and buy a player that can handle mp3s and give the old one to charity! How now? You are not trying to Import anything. I put one in there and, yes, a right-click gave the option to save as an AIFF file. I did this, dragged the file extension is. Sadly, it won't play in any of my CD players. That one played on my more modern CD player which also plays MP3s but not on the car player.

Your later post says, "There are lots of pieces of software that do this". Could I please have the names of a few of them?

How to Convert a Data Audio MP3 to CD Audio | It Still Works

Well, they weren't in iTunes but Google is your friend here,. I'll go back to searching the web. Thanks for your time and interest.

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How to convert from MP3 to CD format?

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convert mp3 to play on cd player mac Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac
convert mp3 to play on cd player mac Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac
convert mp3 to play on cd player mac Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac
convert mp3 to play on cd player mac Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac
convert mp3 to play on cd player mac Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac
convert mp3 to play on cd player mac Convert mp3 to play on cd player mac

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