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As you're on Tiger you won't have access to Time Machine. There are free trials for both products. Popular Topics in Apple.

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How to create a backup of powerpc g4 tiger. | Tom's Hardware Forum

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PsyncX no longer active or supported (10.15.2011)

EdC Oct 25, at Time Machine - comes with modern macs. Whitebeard Oct 25, at Robert Downs Oct 26, at Thai Pepper. Michael This person is a verified professional.

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Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Jeffrey Oct 27, at Jeffrey wrote: Bobster2UK Oct 29, at Brian Nov 1, at California Drives. All you need do is remove a case cover, mount the hard drive in the enclosure and connect the cables, then re-attach the case cover. Usually the only tool required is a small or medium Phillips screwdriver. Feb 23, You can drag and drop. Just drag you startup drive to the external drive. It will not be bootable, but you can read the data.

Start up disk utility. On the left pane view, you will see a list of all your disks. Click on the disk. Click on the partition tab. You will now see how your disk is currently set up. Fill in the information as appropriate. More details on formatting. Thank you for the help!

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Any thoughts on where else I should look? I went through a few of the suggested backup programs that the first reply suggested, but they all have to be paid for, which is absolutely fine if that's what I end up having to do. There isn't a lot on the computer that I'm looking to save - I just wanted to get ahold of some documents that I can't replicate and photos that I don't want to lose.

Free back up software for OS X 10.4

If need be, I can manually save them onto the external hard drive when I have the time. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to reset it, buy a new battery, add some memory to it and whatever else it needs to have done and use it again.

I have absolutely no idea where to start on that or what it'll cost when the time comes, I'll just search the other discussions or post another thread , but I hate to "junk" it when there's nothing wrong with it - it's just not up to par to run with current programs, etc. Feb 23, 4: Feb 23, 5: Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Mtclark85 Mtclark Thank you again!!

And if there's information that I've left out that you need, please let me know! More Less. That would mean replacing most of the Operating System and is not likely to be a project that a regular backup could handle. Remember that there are thousands of files on the Hard Drive that you cannot see and that must be there for the system to operate. As I mentioned before, backups are normally for data and not the OS because you have to install the OS for the backup to work. One wonders why you do not have the install disks for the OS that you are currently using.

How to Clone Mac OS X to new HDD or SSD

Perhaps one should not pry to deeply into the question. First, I Bought The Laptop off of ebay? And How? New Angle. For that you will need: The new drive 2.

Free backup software for ExFat?

A firewire enclosure into which you will place the new drive 3. A copy of Carbon Copy cloner this is free or 3a. A copy of Super Duper. This is not free.

Clone the old drive to the new drive. Take the old drive out of the iBook and insert the new. Boot up the machine. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how we do that!

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