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  1. M·A·C Technique - M·A·C El Corte Inglés Sanchinarro - Madrid, Spain.
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Liked Like Comment Share Report. Explore more from this seller. Tweed lambs wool coat. Please remove one or more items from your bundle to continue checking out. Edit Settings OK. Your Offer. All offers are binding and expire in 24 hours. If the seller accepts, payment will be processed. Cancel Next Submitting Cancel Reporting The style is an urban, casual look with natural fabrics. Nice bags and coats. The trendy and free designs are colorful, comfortable and affordable. Celop Calle Sierpes Web Spanish chain caters to a more urban and young crowd.

Casual designs follow the latest fashion trends in Spain and Europe.

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  • Hoss Intropia Calle O'Donnell Web Hoss Intropia has been around for 15 years and produces a line of women's clothing which has become more and more popular. Sfera Plaza del Duque Web Sfera offers a good value and variety of styles, from formal to more dynamic and modern clothing and accessories. There are lines for women, men and children.

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    Thankfully abandoned their sick, shock advertising campaigns. Whether you are a power shopper or simply someone being dragged along, you know the importance of coffee and sugar to keep you going. The locations below are in the center and in some cases offer plenty of seating. Horno San Buenaventura Avda.

    Another popular spot for a coffee or drink in the center. Generally a good amount of space to sit. Your best bet when looking for a wide range of computers or accessories although not the best perhaps for support or technical issues. Now if you are looking for cheaper computer equipment, especially accessories, consumables, and hardware, I do recommend heading to Media Markt, FNAC and some of the smaller shops.

    But El Corte Ingles has it's moments and at times sale items are the best deals around. But generally not when it comes to these accessories. Computers, electronics, televisions, phones, music, books, video games, event ticket sales and more. The only large electronics superstore in the city, with computers, appliances, DVDs, mobile phones and more.

    Now with a location on calle Sierpes plus other locations.

    Alaska Presents Chocodiet At El Corte Ingles Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images

    The same items are also on the first floor of the Plaza Magdalena location. The stores below include some larger retailers which offer just about everything. A couple of local stores are mentioned as they can be particularly helpful when trying to locate hard to find items. When it comes to affordable audio and video accessories such as cables, I have two recommendations: On calle Amador de los Rios, again just outside of Puerta Carmona, you will find Televoz which is my favorite store when I need something I can't find anywhere else.

    Take a number as there is generally a wait. But it's worth it - they sell just about anything you can imagine in the world of cables and hard to find accessories. Tell them what you want and they will go in the back room and come out hopefully with what you need. The only large electronics superstore in the city, with computers, appliances, DVD's, mobile phones and more. Calle Pages del Corro Triana Web A range of technology offerings from stereos, televisions and computers to all sorts of cables and accessories.

    The store takes up several storefront locations side by side in Triana. Televoz Calle Amador de los Rios Web Great place for any hard to find adaptor or cable, audio and video components, satellite receivers, car stereos, PA systems, and every little gadget. The same items plus small appliances can also be found on the first floor of Plaza Magdalena.

    The following stores are your best bet in the shopping district, although you will likely find a few others around the same area. Juan Foronda Calle Sierpes Web Especially well known for shawls and lace, they also carry fans and a number of other artisan fabrics. There are several locations including one on Calle Argote de Molina. The boutique offers off the rack and custom fit flamenco dresses, depending on your budget. In store staff can always help you find what you are looking for. The first thing many visitors ask when they pass a ferreteria is, "Do they sell ferrets?

    While a logical conclusion in "Spanglish", these places are more the typical mom and pop small hardware stores. There are many smaller stores located almost every few blocks, and the merchandise will vary depending on the store. Some will have a specialty while others will have a little of everything. A few offer camping gear while others may offer some cookware. Many of them are the opposite of the Home Depot hardware experience: While you may end up waiting in line there is a certain advantage to this over trying usually unsuccessfully to find someone who can help you in Home Depot. The down side is you may need some Spanish speaking skills and it can be frustrating if you just want to grab what you need off the rack and make your way to the cashier.

    If you need a place which has everything you probably know what I am going to recommend In the Plaza Magdalena location on the second floor you can find the hardware section. If you can get out of the center than head to Leroy Merlin , which is so similar to Home Depot that I thought I was back in the states on my first visit. I think they organize the rows of shelves exactly the same way. They have everything you can imagine to remodel your house, garden, etc. Virtually the same set up outside of the city center take bus in Plaza de Armas.

    Home accessories can mean many different things. I think of decoration, small furniture and all of the stuff you can clutter a house with. Below are some options. Ok, Swedish home and furniture store which is located outside of Seville take bus in Plaza de Armas. Casa Plaza de la Gavidia Web All sorts of home accessories, including seasonal items, picture frames, candles, kitchen items, small furniture, gift items and more.

    A good store for Christmas items as well. For general kitchen items or finding some kind of specialty kitchen tool. If you want dirt cheap then try one of the many bazaars of chinos as they affectionately call them here. There are many of these stores - both small and large - mostly run by Asians who are experts in importing all sorts of items. Many have very large sections of kitchen items. Casa Plaza de la Gavidia Web You can find the kitchen items towards the back of the store, including glasses, coffee mugs, plenty of utensils, pots and pans and other misc.

    Bazaar Victoria Calle Entrecarceles The store has been around forever - offering a large selection of kitchen items and general hardware items in the center. Everyone loves to check out the stuff in the display windows.

    Large appliances can be found on the first floor. The business has been a pioneer in Spain, adapting the most recent fashion trends to lingerie, home wear and intimate apparel. Velasco near Plaza San Francisco Web The shop has many years experience with women's and children's sleepwear, and carries a number of well known brands.

    It's not uncommon to hear a song while visiting and want to locate the disk. Yes, people still purchase music from time to time. While I'm not likely to be of help in telling you who the artist is I can tell you where to go to find the CD. As it stands there are a few good options in the center. On calle Amor de Dios there is a locally owned store, as well as a few up the side street. Some also sell old vinyl if you are into records. All said above, you can also find incredibly low prices on the street if you don't have a problem with buying pirated versions.

    The number of bands, as in marching or processional bands, in Sevilla ensures a healthy business and choice for musicians. Of course there are no guitars in these marching bands. But the tradition of flamenco takes care of your worries about finding a guitar or accessories. At the end of calle Zaragoza in el Arenal you will find a store selling hand made acoustic guitars name pending. Take a look at the site and see the range is impressive. You can find CDs but also instruments such as guitars, horns, etc.

    For a nice selection of vintage and replica posters try Poster Felix.

    El Corte Inglés

    They also sell replica posters. If there's one thing Spaniards can't get enough of it's shoes. An easy way to spot a tourist is by looking at what's on their feet. If you feel the need to upgrade for a night out head towards Plaza El Salvador. Between the plaza and the Alfalfa is what I've dubbed la calle de los zapatos, or "The Street of Shoes".

    Located on a side street to the left of the Iglesia Salvador, Calle Sagasta, as it is better known, has a number of shoe stores of varying quality. For fans of the Camper brand there is a store on Calle Tetuan, but you will also find several stores in the city which carry a selection of Camper as well.

    Fashionable and practical designs have made the brand an international hit. Very similar to the Footlocker store experience in the U. Gallardo Calle Sierpes Web Gallardo flamenco shoes are well known, and there is also a line of everyday shoes. There are several locations in Seville. Nicolas Calle Sierpes various Web Seville based shoe store also has several shops in other cities, primarily Andalucia. They offer many different brands from casual to dress.

    Albero Calle Sierpes Web Four locations in the central shopping district: They carry their own shoe line as well as other brands of men's and women's. Paco Rodriguez Calle Sierpes Also with several locations in the city center, I can vouch for their men's shoes which I have purchased a few times. They carry a good selection of informal to formal. For a really large election of sporting goods it's often best to go outside of the center to Decathlon.

    The center has plenty of small shops with a limited selection of items. For team wear you'll find the official stores for Real betis and Sevilla F. Decathlon Camas outside of Seville Web A large sporting goods store which has just about everything you could want: Take bas in Plaza de Armas.

    Betis Moda Calle Zaragoza Web Official Betis store which carries more stylish betis clothing like polo's and dress shirts, but also various team items. Try the other Official Store for replica team wear. This is the place to get the official team jersey, etc. Sevilla F. Still, Betis is the better choice ;.

    Listing of store locations and hours

    This is a large category as you'll find a lot of possible gifts in stores that aren't considered your typical gift store. So I don't have specific listings as with other categories. Anywhere around the Cathedral you will find the normal store and you might get taken for a few Euros if you're not careful. They sell everything from key chains, t-shirts, hats, ceramics, abanicos fans , posters, post cards and film.

    You'll also see a lot of stores throughout Santa Cruz selling the same stuff. One of the cheapest places to get these types of items is often in a tienda de veinte duros or todo a cien. These are "dollar stores" which sell just about anything. Some have a wider selection of the tourist gifts, while some sell pretty useless junk.

    I must confess I have a weak spot for these stores and have a hard time not wandering in off the street.

    MAC Cosmetics in Madrid.......ladies, I need some help :o) - Madrid Forum

    Friends and family are often dragging me out of them. Shopping in Seville. Topics in this section. Seville's Main Shopping District Tiendas del centro. Other Shopping Areas Otras zonas comerciales.

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    • Malls in Seville Centros comerciales. Open Air Markets in Seville Mercados. The second area is dedicated to shopping. With a wide range of clothing stores, accessory, cosmetic and shoe shops. Here you will also find low-cost Spanish supermarket, Mercadona. All the well-known clothing, accessory and cosmetic stores can be found here. The port also hosts concerts and exhibitions that you can attend for free and at the weekend you will find little market stalls with locals selling handcrafted products and gifts.

      It is important to note that on Sundays and public holidays, stores and shopping centres throughout Spain are closed. Advertise a property FAQ Does it work? Contact us Get to know us RentalBuzz. Per week. Per night. Facilities Pool. Sea views.

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