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Leandro Mello Rainbow kept an eye on the haystack as it sailed over the finish line and landed. Rainbow Dash smiled. A new personal record! Freckles had now appeared on her face. Time to get back to work! Meanwhile at the library, Twilight buried herself in books, desperate to find a solution to reverse whatever it was affecting her and her friends.

Usually when pressed like this, she would fly through book after book in search of an answer. This time, she wasn't having much luck. Her progress was slower than she was usually accustomed to as she found herself unable to understand some of her most advanced books. The lack of any magic to help her turn the pages wasn't helping things either. She paced back and forth in an attempt to steady her mind.

You can do this. Just focus. I'm not Applejack. I'm Twilight Sparkle. I'm from Canterlot. I have an assistant baby dragon named Spike. That's right, Shining Armor and his wife Apple Bloom! No, that ain't right. That young'n way too young to get married. She shook her head, trying to get these Applejack thoughts out of her mind, and tried again. No, that's not right either. My pet is a dog, not an owl! I mean, Owl! My pet is an owl! Twilight took a slow deep breath. Twilight flipped her reading stand over in frustration, sending the book and several scrolls flying to the floor.

Her anger was quickly replace with sadness as she collapsed on the floor. What am I going to do? She gathered the blank scroll and her quill.

She also looked for her ink, but her fit of frustration spilled the ink on the library floor. Groaning in frustration, Twilight began to search for some extra ink. A quick search around the library later, she found a bottle of ink on a bookshelf, just a few rungs out of reach above her. She took a closer look at the ink.

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It looked to be right on the edge of the shelf. A sudden thought popped into her head. She couldn't use magic, but there was another way she could get the ink down. After giving the entire bookshelf a close inspection for the exact right spot, Twilight turned around, reared back, and bucked the bookshelf, knocking the ink and several books down to the ground.

Now that's the way to git r' done! She suddenly blinked as she became aware of her surroundings. Ah gotta get back home. Ah'm gonna fall behind at the farm! Rarity threw another cowboy-hat-filled design sheet to the floor. Her attempts to will her way out of this were not working. Everything she tried to design wound up being that same cowboy hat. The hat that was so tied to Applejack that she once wondered if it was glued on. Rarity shook her head. She was going to beat this.

She wouldn't let herself be turned into Applejack without a fight. The thought of being Applejack filled her with dread. She couldn't imagine being outside working on a farm of all places. Bucking apples, tending the chickens, getting her lovely hooves dirty in all that work.

But then again, all that work was necessary. And the more she thought about it, the more she thought that all that hard work and labor was actually therapeutic. Ponies like Rarity couldn't understand that ponies like her don't mind a little hard work here or there. Which reminded her that work was starting to back up at Sweet Apple Acres. She really should get back to work as quickly as Rarity blinked. Did she really just think all that? She took out another design sheet and tried again.

I am the most fabulous pony in Ponyville. No, in all of Equestria! I can design the most ornate gala dress the world has ever seen with my eyes closed! I've done it before, and I shall do so again!

She closed her eyes, and began to focus. Her mind began to produce an image of the most beautiful dress she ever saw! Long, flowing, and sparkling with elegance and grace. This was the kind of dress she was looking for to spark her creativity. Rarity began to draw. I bet even Celestia herself would want it in her personal collection!

This dress will be all the rage in Canterlot! I could be world famous with this! She crumpled up the paper and threw it in the trash. Ah'm going home! That's the last time Ah help Rarity design stuff," she grumbled. With that, she exited the boutique. On her way back to Sweet Apple Acres, she made a point to apologize to Rarity later for making a mess in her shop.

Apple Bloom spent that morning finishing up her school assignments. It was boring sitting in her room reading instead of being outside, but school always came first. At least that's what Applejack would say if she were here right now. She wondered how her big sister was doing in Appleoosa right now. Even though she knew that it was only a short trip, she couldn't help but to miss her.

It would have been nice to hear her voice. She ran over to her window and looked to see who was calling her from the ground, and did a double-take when she saw who was calling her. It was Rainbow Dash? Well it looked like Rainbow Dash, but she was wearing a cowboy hat and had her mane and tail done up like Applejack.

And since when did Rainbow Dash get freckles? Rainbow Dash looked back confused. She took a quick look around her.

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Well, shoot! Ah haven't seen her. Rainbow Dash interrupted her rebuttal. Ah always have been. Now, c'mon! Ah need your help with the bruised apples! Rainbow Dash ran back towards the apple orchard, leaving behind a very confused yellow filly still staring from her bedroom window. After a few moments, Apple Bloom decided to make her way downstairs.

Maybe she knows what's going on. She made her way down to the kitchen and saw her grandmother was busy with a guest. She began to approach the two, but suddenly stopped in shock as she realized who the guest was; or rather, how she was dressed. Apple Bloom could only watch as Twilight Sparkle, now decked out in a ponytail and a hat, pulled out a batch of Apple Tarts from the oven.

Full Cast & Crew

Twilight laughed heartily. Nah, that's Twilight's department. Ah belong right here. Apple Bloom slowly backed away from the kitchen and ran to the front door. What the hay is going on around here. Why were Twilight and Rainbow Dash here? And why were they both acting like Applejack? As she made her way towards the front door, she heard an argument coming from the living room. Apple Bloom peeked into see a confused Big Mac arguing with Pinkie Pie, who now shared the same mane style and hat as her sister. Three red apples!

Ya see it? Pinkie placed a forehoof on Big Macintosh's forehead. Ah think you might be coming down with something. Apple Bloom left the scene and continued running out the door. She made it outside and stopped in her tracks. There right in front of her, with a ponytail and a hat, was Fluttershy pulling a cart of apples. Apple Bloom stammered, her mind unable to reconcile the image in front of her. Ah'm fine She immediately regretted ever saying that for now she noticed a pony heading her way, nearly completely covered in mud. The pony looked to have a hat and ponytail too, but upon closer inspection Apple Bloom saw patches of the pony's white coat Apple Bloom stood frozen at what she had just witnessed.

Why do they all think they're Applejack? Everything was fine yesterday between the five of them, even though none of them showed up to see her sister at the train station.

Starlight Glimmer makes Big Mac speak

She remembered wishing that they understood how Applejack felt and On the one hoof, she was glad that Applejack's friends had a newer perspective on how her sister thinks. But then again, judging from the scenes she had just witnessed, she had to turn all of them back to normal. Not wasting any time, she quickly went back inside, grabbed a bit from the kitchen, and headed on out to find that mysterious well so she could turn Applejack's friends back to normal.

As Apple Bloom retraced her steps from yesterday, she began to notice that something was wrong. The well was definitely in this part of Sweet Apple Acres, but the closer she got, the more she realized that there wasn't a well anywhere close to this area. She started to comb the area, just to make sure she wasn't mistaken, when she saw a single bit laying on the ground.

Apple Bloom looked around. This was the edge of the farm where the well was, but there was no well here, only this one single bit. Apple Bloom gasped. She realized that she was in the same spot as yesterday. But now, the well was gone! She started to look all over the farm. Maybe the well had mysteriously transported itself somewhere else. Her search yielded nothing. The hug was warm and once Big Mac had laced his arms around Pinkie Pie's waist, their bodies wear practically flush together.

How to Draw Big Macintosh, My Little Pony

Both of their hearts were racing at an alarming rate. The warmth from the others body and the silence was such an amazing feeling for them both. The feeling of the other against their body made them both smile. Big Mac loosened his grip slightly and placed his hands gently on his girl friends hips, he lightly pushed her away enough so he could see her face. Her hands where now on his strong shoulders as they starred in to the others eyes. After staring at each other for what felt like eternity, Big Mac leaned in so he could capture Pinkie Pie's lips. The kiss was light and sweet.

He soon pulled away but once he realized he loved the feeling of those lips against his, they where so joined together again but this kiss was more heated, more passionate. Without knowing it, cloths where being pulled off and hands was roaming and groping every where. They had some how reached Pinkie Pie's bedroom. They both fell on to the bed, still kissing and touching.

The kiss broke with a load pop sound and a string of saliva. In t-the top draw t-there should be s-some His lips went lower, setting light shy kisses until he came to Pinkie Pie's breast. Taking one nipple in-between his teeth and fondling the other, he used his free hand to open the top draw to the side cabinet and grabbed a condom. He decided he would question her on why she even had them there later. Still nipping, sucking and fondling Pinkie Pie's breast he reached between them and slid the condom on to his leaking erection.

How to Draw Big Macintosh, My Little Pony

Pinkie Pie had her hands in Big Mac's hair, tugging the blonde strands and massaging the scalp. Big Mac couldn't take it any more. He released the breast and looked into Pinkie Pie's beautiful blue eyes, she had a pout on her swollen kissed lips, obviously not happy that he stopped. He smiled at the look on her face, she looked so cute and kissable. I promise there is something better coming but you'll have to relax a little because it might hurt.

She nodded in reply and pulled him in for another heated kiss. Slowly, Big Mac pushed his member in to Pinkie Pie. The feeling of her body taking him in was amazing and enough to make him release. Once he was fully inside he stopped moving, letting Pinkie Pie adjust to him being inside her. She started to rock her hips, showing him that it was okay to move, without hesitation he grabbed on to Pinkie Pie's hips and started to thrust in to her.

The sound of Pinkie Pie moaning and panting was driving Big Mac insane. He started to thrust quicker, wanted to so desperately release. After a few more thrust his seed released with a load grown and a buck of the hips.

how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
how to draw big mac my little pony How to draw big mac my little pony
How to draw big mac my little pony

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