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Controller won't always show up when playback starts Fix: App won't quit when playback is over. French localization thank you, Soner Aktas Fix: Arabic subtitle support need extra options. uses cookies.

Hi, what a long absence, I'm still alive, MPlayerX too. AutoResume playback. Deinterlacing methods.

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PostProcess methods. Pass extra options to mplayer directly. Save your settings in Video Tuner and Equalizer. Portuguese translation added. Russian translation added. Japanese translation added. Traditional Chinese translation added.

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New file type icon. Improvement of playback control. Polished the traffic light buttons. Add Inspector panel. Menu refinement.

Mountain Lion Mac OS X - Open NFO file

In Fullscreen, you could drag the movie area. Downmix to 2 channels now should work.

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Keep the pitch when changing playback speed. In fullscreen, play window will still be on top of other floating windows. Load subtitles with comma in the filename. Seeking problem when dragging the time slider. Apple Remote will bring up the light of the dimmed screen. Universal Charset Detector sync with firefox 3.

Pause when file opened Auto Play Next is smarter to detect all the digit part in the file name Bugfix: Preference window is not located to the right position Core: Switch Audio not perfect but should work, since I have no multitrack file to test Func: FullScreen will keep on when to auto play next Func: Version Android version: Similar Software.

No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. Current Version Downloads 44, Version Downloads License Shareware. Date 12 Dec Enables users to just select their Markdown file in Finder and through Quick Look preview them instantly.

Therefore we are building tools to serve that purpose. Install this plugin to preview your Markdown files with Quick Look. Available for download here. This plugin has been tested to work in at least OS X Check out the plugin and docs on GitHub here: Preview colours are freely configurable on a per-filetype basis with the supplied preferences application. Plugin supports also GZip compressed files without the need to decompress them first. A full description and more information can be found here. This plugin will give you an ability to see previews and thumbnails of WebP images. More information can be found at: Source code available at https: It will render files with a colorful view, and will allow to expand or compress nodes in the JSON tree.

Thanks, Jelle Vandebeeck! The current version of the plugin v1. More information and downloads for the plugin can be found here. Code signing can be a pain, but the fact that Xcode gives very little information about a mobile provisioning file does not ease things. Let me introduce a new QuickLook plugin. This plugin allows you to get a QuickLook preview for all.

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More information can be found here: Future plans includes extending for other types of data: Since we do not actually develop the plug-ins we list on this site, we cannot investigate each one. Instead we thought we would setup this post to allow for users to comment and allow for discussion on tips and tricks for getting plug-ins to work with So feel free to leave a comment with your experience and especially if you have tips for getting plug-ins to work with Lion.

All comments are moderated. It is useful for reading files like:.

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QLStephen solves that. MetaDesign Solutions has released a QuickLook Plug-in which has some great features and wide support for various document formats. Creates thumbnails using game logo image. In preview mode displays also game title and additional info if any. Download here: To download, visit the project page at http: QuickLook plugin for FB2 e-book file format.

Creates thumbnails using cover image. In preview mode displays some additional information like authors and title. This plug-in ships with atPeek, but is also available as a free download from:

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