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How to Perform iTunes Error 1600 Fix With iReb | Windows

Launch the program while you connect your device to your computer. Choose your device using the right mouse button. Next, enter your device in the DFU mode as usual by holding the power button and the home button at the same time for about 10 seconds. If this goes well, then, your device should be in Pwned DFU mode in no time and the iTunes errors should forever disappear. Windows Version.

Mac Version. I am sure that most of you who are familiar with the world of jailbreaking already know about iREB. This simple, yet useful tool, gives us the possibility to put any iOS device into a pwned jailbreakable state in order to upload various custom firmware on it. However, as a main condition to download iREB and use it on your device is to have created a custom firmware restore using one of the available problems, Redsnow or Snowbreeze.

If you think that this tool is not that necessary, you should think again. When you plan to restore your device to a previous firmware, you will definitely need iREB in order to put your device to a pwned mode. These files depend on each user and on each need, for every iOS device. Now, its compatibility has increased in time, and many iREB versions are now available. Now, a simple iREB download allows you to restore firmware on the following devices: At the time when a new custom firmware was added to an iOS device, some users faced some problems, and on the screen, there were able to see different errors.

For this matter, a simple iREB download can easily help you fix these problems. Sn0wBreeze 2. RedSn0w originally named QuickPwn was re-released during the times of the 2. Maintained and created by the Dev-Team, RedSn0w has become one of the most used jailbreaking tools to jailbreak the iOS firmware. RedSn0w 0. GreenPois0n is a one click jailbreaking tool; meaning that all you need to do to jailbreak your iDevice is click a button. JailbreakMe is a userland jailbreak. Meaning that all you need to do to jailbreak your iDevice is visit JailbreakMe. This jailbreak works on all iDevices running up to the iOS 4.

JailbreakMe 3. JailbreakMe Download. Download h1siri This can often times be helpful in case you accidentally update to a firmware version that cannot be jailbroken; as by default Apple does not allow downgrading. This will help Chronic Dev develop an untethered iOS 5. F0recast is a handy tool that will tell you information about your iDevice. For example: Additionally the tool tells you whether or not the firmware you are downloading can be jailbroken or Unlocked.

Safari latest version: Thanks for your help with this. So yes, you very well should be using iReb to get past this error. I have an iPhone 3Gs, it is unlocked. I went to update my phone and then I got the brick sign! It wont move from there, Ive tried everything! Can you please help! You need to install the. A simple Google would tell you the same. Hi, not entirely sure but I only have. Let me know how that works! Hello Again; You know i get itunes 28 error. And phone screen is the same this http: I tried fixrecovery but stuck apple logo.

My phone is lock and iphone 3gs. I found shsh record. I have 4,1—4,3,3 shsh record. I tried restore with 4,3,3 i get an arror same: Do you have a any ideas? Thank you for helping. Best Regards.. Always use a custom IPSW for your restore. Mmmm, i dont know, it wasnt my phone… But i think it wasnt, so u wouldnt know what connectors connects to the speakers etc? Cause i think the 1,2 and 3 that connects to the front side of the screen.

I wanna ask u, i managed to downgrade to ios 4. Or is there something i can check? Its more of an hardware issue with the connectors. Did this issue prevail right before your restore? You might want to get it checked at an Apple store nearby. My phone is simlock. Can i open after 4,3,5 install? Instead , try restoring to iOS 4. Open up TU, set it to these settings http: Thanks for the fast reply, But i am restoring to 4. And yes, i did set in TU what you have showed me, it either error or error pops out.

Please confirm this properly. Since your using the stock iOS for a restore, set TU to these settings http: Now follow the restore in a pwned DFU mode. Do you get any single error? Using Ired to get pwned DFU mode. But i then get error I have double checked the setting on TU Sometime when i am lucky and pass , then get error.

Then i tried Redsnow to put the phone into DFU mode. Then it felts that the phone was switched off and wasnt able to turn it on. Error confirms that you do not have an SHSH blob saved for that particular version to which your trying to restore to. With these settings http: Do you still get Error inspite of the settings set from TU? What about a pwned DFU mode? Read http: Try it. I remmeber my other iphone was faster than this. Mmmmmm, I dont have that error, but now i have Error? Mmmm, do u any chance have a msn that i can msg u directly?

Fix iTunes 1600, 1601 & 1604 Error During iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2 Custom IPSW Restore

I believe that should help with the 16xx errors. Nope, i dont rely on a lock, I have tried stock 4. Eh, did you actually set TU to these settings http: Do you rely on an unlock? If yes, then there is nothing that you can probably do about it right now. Make sure that you too set the settings of TU as I had mentioned to Selcuk. That is important. Yes, i know this method. And i get an error 28 again. Error 28 is bad. Why does it have to be ios 4. And in your case, as long as you do not have a valid SHSH blob saved locally, you can forget about using TU to skip the because in that way, your just force installing a version with an invalid SHSH.

Hello again; Finally i see movement on iphone. But i get an error Try again and i get an error This will get you past 16xx errors. Not even under recent devices right? Open Itunes shift restore with 4,3,3 custom firmware. Could you explain to me next step. And i appreciated for your very fast answer and interested.. If you get an , you do not have an SHSH blob saved. Means, you cannot restore to 4. Try a custom iOS 4. Do not touch TU. Well that means you do not have any SHSH blobs saved at all for your device. Not the folder. Or send me link. You need to really answer my previous question in more detail.

Are you saying that you have an SHSH blob saved for your device locally on your machine? I read all post. I want to load again 4. Where do you have this iOS 4. On Cydia? I have a iphone 4 4. Now, I know that there is a tethered jailbreak for iOS 4. Do you know what is the correct picture messaging settings for my iphone 4?

Thanks in advance Pramod. I used both of my computers PCs but i would get the same thing. I just wanted to add that I did try these settings http: What do you think I should do? I guess my english skills just got to its limit.

Fix iTunes Error 1013 When Restoring on Mac and Windows with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Im german and its been confusing all long. I have no idea what this is, where to find it and what to do with it.. Yes, i think i went into a recovery loop. Is there a way to save it now, or get it somewhere else, so I can use my phone again? I am really confused with this and never should have downloaded TU, as you mentioned. I still dont know how to solve the problem though and appreciate any kind of help.

I think I have really messed up and need desperately help! Yesterday I tried to upgrade my iPhone with the 4. But I couldnt load the file, it always stopped after a while. After i googled my problem i downloaded the system upgrade file seperately and then tried to upgrade it with pressing shift and upgrade. Now I got the error code Not having enough problems I downloaded iREB to get my phone out of the recovery mode, so now I got a black screen. When I tried to install the upgrade now, or at least make my phone work again, i got the error code Now I am really pissed I know, I shouldnt have clicked anythin more, but I panicked so I click on fix recovery, since the iphone is not even detected at tinyumbrella anymore.

End of the story I couldnt fix anything, I have a black screen, every restore I tried didnt work cause I got the error code again and its been 14 long hours of trying and killing myself. Next thing, avoid using TU completely. As you can see, using TU was a mistake. If you are someone who relies on an unlock, you should know that you cannot restore to a stock IPSW doing which will kick you into a recovery loop which I guess you are already in.

I am really sad now. Can FW 4. I have tried so many, eventhough, I tried one but it only let me send pictures but not receiving them. Are you sure that you have tried TU with these settings http: I really got scared because i thought I messed up my phone. As a last resource I decided to restore my phone via itunes with a different computer.

The good thing is that gevey sim card work with the new frameware and unfortunately, It had updated the baseband as well. The BB version once updated can never be reverted back to an earlier version unlike the iOS. Since i dont have any shsh files, so I tried to restore to 4. So, i cannot restore to 4. I tried to use TU to save shsh files, but there were none. Try the restore on other computers as well. Can you maybe have a link of procedures for my current problem please? I do not have any shsh backups or anything.

At the moment: I upgraded to 4. Afterward i use Redsnow to install Cydia, Then using Redsnow to start the phone. But somehow it doesnt work, it freeze in DFU mode. Using TU and Ired to bypass errors. Then using Redsnow to start the phone. Is there a way i can start the phone without using redsnow to start the phone? Cause the reason i restore to original is because once the phone is off, i cant switch it back on even if i use redsnow to start up.

What could i have done wrong? Use TU as well to see if you have any saved.

iREB for Mac Download

If there exists any, your in luck. I tried restore my iphone just like you said with a custom iOS 4. I this procedure several times and I connected my iphone to a different usb port, but the same thing happens. So, it means that your are not having the SHSH blobs saved for it as well. I manage to store to 4. But now, i cant start Iphone itself. I need to use Snowbreeze to start. And i am able to install 4. But i cant find a way to start the iphone. Then i re-restore to 4. It stuck on DFU mode. After i use Redsnow to start the phone. I switch it off. I cant use Redsnow to start the phone again.

Is my iphone abit messed up? If you really have an SHSH blob saved for your device on Cydia , edit your hosts file like this http: First of all Pramod, i just want to thank you for replying me and trying to find a solution to my problem. You want me to restore my iphone with the previous frameware 4.

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I actually restored it a couple of hours ago, But i have another problem. Oh Well Great!! Hopefully it should restore back i. Is there a fix for this error?

I have a iPhone 4 4. I tried this method but i got 16xx errors on itunes. Thank you in advance. I forgot to add that this is the method i tried http: Like this http: The version to which your trying to restore to needs to be listed here. Yeh, I have saved for 4. Can it help me to come out of DFU loop? Please help.

What If Your iPhone Get Stuck (Recovery Mode, Apple Logo, etc) during Jailbreaking with iReb?

Little more update:

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