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I have a client seeing a similar issue in that the left pane folder names disappear and all that remains are the triangles that you click on to open the folders and subfolders. Closing Outlook and re-opening it fixes the issue temporarily, but this is just a Band-Aid.

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I can create a New Folder under me inbox and all the emails that have been saved to this folder previously are then synchronised. All good. The next time I open up outlook, that folder has gone, I must have added it about times. Is there something I need to do?

Show or hide IMAP folders - Outlook for Mac

All the emails have disappeared that I had saved in my folders. The folder names are there but empty. No idea what happened. Sounds like it might be a different problem than I describe here. The only thing I can suggest: The messages may still exist, just not downloaded into Outlook. In that case, a new Outlook profile and a fresh download may help. Good luck! This was a great post as it relieves the frustration of not knowing the cause and not getting someone at Microsoft who is aware of the problem.

There are a handful of problems in Office programs that I see month after month. These are programs that should be rock solid. I use Mac Outlook and subscribe to Exchange If you accept this change you will lose any items no synchornized. Obviously if I click ok then it empties out all of the folders then about 10 mins later re-syncs from exchange however this is a constant issue. I have tried totally deleting the account, deleting the profile and adding an account from scratch from Exchange therefore only populated by Exchange but still have the same ongoing problem.

Would anyone have any ideas how to resolve this please, the only other device this is on is my iphone but I have deleted this from scratch too with the same error. No idea where that will lead. I hope you get the right help. Folder Pane: Anyone else experiencing this issue? Two threads back Ok Microsoft sorted this one for me, basically it was a problem with Keychain passwords, basically I quit Outlook went into Keychain searched for Outlook and deleted the passwords, then went back into Outlook again and no problems since.

I also read elsewhere there are a number of errors with Keychain passwords causing discrepancies therefore sometimes the solution is just to delete the login in Keychain. The solutions are generally never satisfactory and the amature hacker solution providers end up providing such convoluted approaches to resolving the issues that Microsoft initially created due to its incompetence, that one would end up believing that they worked for microsoft!

Bye bye microsoft. What can I do?

Show or hide IMAP folders

Accidentally deleted? Dragged under another folder? Any ideas on how to address this? Sadly still nothing. Mine is up to date.

Find Mac Outlook 2016 Data File Location on MAC OS X

Any ideas? Any fixes? Any downloads? Same problem here. All my subfolders are vanished, both from PC and Laptop. Mails are gone. Severe problem because these are mails that I really need. How about fixing this issue on a mac? I have just had Outlook installed today, I transferred some emails into folders. The Folders pane drop down was already ticked Normal and Favourites, but no luck! Any ideas in the meantime? Happens all the time. Great tip. However my issue is a little different.

I opened outlook and suddenly left folder pane looks different. And the folders have envelope icons next to them. Different formatting. Then a few days ago I opened Outlook and it was miraculously restored to the old view. I could see favorites. Folders just had a carrot arrow next to them no icon. All was well with the world again! I have done nothing different on my end. And have not idea how to change it back. Has anyone else ever seen this? I still have the same problem which sounds similar to everyone else. I click OK and everything disappears from my Exchange folder including mail and calendar.

Only Outlook on my Mac. About twenty minutes of quitting and restarting Outlook it then kicks in reloads exchange again adds in all of the folders, this works for a while then randomly repeats the above anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours later agghhh! I even wondered if there was some conflict with my Categories file as they had been upgraded from previous versions of Outlook but am at a loss to find the reason and just think I need to give up.

That can be slower but more reliable in some cases, and it helps with troubleshooting. You might experiment with that and see what happens. Remember that the result is that Outlook only works when the computer is online. Whew, thanks so much for your article which I found by originally looking to triggern another Outlook bug. This happened to me today on Outlook for Mac Version I had a crash and when I relaunched the Sidebar was gone.

I could see the folders in OWA, so I knew they were still there. Thanks for the simple solution. You saved my life. Now I know how to fix the mysterious disappearing folder pane. A button that takes you back to the Inbox would also be great. Is either of the two or both possible? Thank you. Or at least a button that takes you back to the Folder Pane. Is this related to the folders in Mail and the sidebar in Calendar collapsing?

Just happened today. Look for the little thumbtack icon at the top right of the column that comes out. It will pin it in place and rearrange the rest of the display. The article would benefit from being updated to include these steps as grayed out Normal was driving me guano crazy. What messed up interface.

Thanks for this — it worked perfectly. Has MS never fixed the bug? And there are other bugs that keep turning up long after MS is supposed to have released a fix. It seems strange. Unfortunately dignity work for me on the latest Outlook for Mac — my folders appears for a split second on opening outlook and are then lost and irretrievable — and I dont seem to have the same folder pane drop downs to allow me to amend as per your instruction which leaves me kind of screwed?

I have the Office for Mac. It was updating fine until yesterday. Now I have not been able to see the Folder Pane nor have been successful in restoring it. Can you help???? Literally just got a MacBook Pro this week- installed the Outlook on it- and after 2 days and downloading some updates, I now cannot use my Outlook at all. If anyone has found a solution to fix this for Mac users that would be great, its now October, and if this has been going since April , I cannot believe Microsoft are taking over 6 months to fix such an annoying glitch….

So far three hours wasted of my life, and there is no way I can now access my emails or my folders. I accidentally clicked on something in the options trying to get my folders back and now see NO messages and see a message saying Nothing in Unintitled Folder. The Mac bug must be something completely different. I cant drag eml files into folders in the folder navbar because it keeps disappearing. I minimize Outlook not all the way to the taskbar and resize to give me access to the desktop where my folder is and the bar disappears or actually minimizes to the left.

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Missing folders in outlook mac

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