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What Are Hidden Folders?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I'd like to hide the icon to prevent accidentally accessing and changing files there, having it still be accessible to my backup software When I try and use the routine "chflags hidden" method, I get a "Permissions Denied" response. Any suggestions? Cayce Cayce 26 3.

How to Fix Toshiba External Hard Drive not Showing up on Mac?

Thanks, grgarside, but that's not what I'm after. I need my main external drive drive icon visible and accessible, but want to hide the other backup drive icon. I'd like to know how to hide one specific external drive icon from my desktop.

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Cayce Yes, this answer describes a workaround where you can add aliases to the drives you do want shown. Launch it and input your administrator password so that OnyX can make changes. The app may ask to verify the structure of your desk; click Continue and wait if so.

OnyX will appear unresponsive while the process completes. Once OnyX comes back to life, click on the Maintenance tab followed by Rebuilding. Make sure that LaunchServices is checked you can uncheck the rest then click Run Tasks at the bottom of the window.

Why a flash drive is not showing up on Mac?

While this happens, Finder may become unresponsive. Once the process is complete, restart your Mac.

Try reconnecting your missing drive once it reboots. Some older drives require USB leads with separate power connectors. You can try switching out the cable for another and seeing if that makes a difference. You can confirm whether or not the drive is faulty by trying to connect it to another computer, if you have one. One potential solution is searching online for your particular brand and model.

Manufacturers may have included Mac drivers as a separate download. If you have outstanding updates to apply, try applying them and trying again. In particular, some firmware updates relate specifically to peripherals and devices that connect via USB. Launch the Mac App Store app and head to the Updates tab.

1. Change the Finder settings

Read More before installing major updates or upgrading macOS to the next major version. Even disk first aid or whatever the hell they call it now on the external drives? Read More for details relevant to your machine.

It's called Apple Service Diagnostic, and we'll show you how to get it and use it for best results. Read More. Before you can see folders on an external hard drive, you must first plug it into your Mac. Depending on the drive, it might plug into either a USB or Thunderbolt socket.

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  5. Perform the following steps:. Browse the drive until you find the folder that you believe holds the hidden folder of interest to you. Once you turn the "reveal" mode on, the Finder will show Mac folders that were hidden before. In the Dock, click the Launcher. In the search box, type Terminal.

    Mac Stop drives from showing on desktop

    Click the Terminal icon when it appears. A Terminal window appears. At the Terminal cursor, type:. Note that this command causes the Finder to quit and restart.

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    When the Finder reappears, you will see hidden folders if any exist. To return to the Finder's default mode, keeping hidden folders hidden, type this command in the Terminal window:. Chicago native John Papiewski has decades of IT consulting experience, and has worked with a wide range of businesses including finance, real estate, distribution and publishing.

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