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First, you can add as many volumes as you need, distributing backups among multiple desktop machines. Second, you can rotate backup sets, so you can take drives offsite and swap in an alternate set, which improves your odds of recovery in catastrophe. Also consider strongly using a security-minded Internet-hosted backup for user-created files and media, such as Backblaze. Third, you can easily upgrade capacity and not pay much for it.

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Multi-terabyte USB 3 drives are ever cheaper. Fourth, recovery is possible.

Local Time Machine backups

And it sounds like Neil is also suffering from connectivity and throughput problems. As mentioned before, if the Mac you'll be using is old and low on resources, try to use it just for Time Machine server purposes. If you have a more recent Mac with plenty of horsepower and resources, check out the bonus content at the end of this article.

Once the Server App is installed, it needs to be configured. For use as a Time Machine server the setup is a breeze. To configure the Server app as a Time Machine server, follow these steps:. At this point, the service is up and running and ready to start receiving backups.

It’s time to switch your Mac backups from Time Capsule to Time Machine volumes

There is just one more thing to look at before connecting your Mac s to the server: Even if it's just you that'll be backing up to this server, it's best not to use the server's admin credentials to connect. Instead, you should make a new account for yourself that you will use to connect. In this way, if the account is ever compromised, access to the server and services will be limited. If there are multiple people backing up to this server, give each user their own account rather than sharing a single "backup user" account. Make sure the password is a secure one and the home folder is set to "None - Services Only.

Once all your users are created, select one and click the gear icon at the bottom of the window. From there, select "Edit Access to Services. Service access can be adjusted at any time, so if you decide to run more services later you can simply let users have access at that time.

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With all the backups going to your server, you can leverage a few of the perks running a server gives you. If you click on the Time Machine service in the Server App, you can select the "backups" tab.

A list of all the backups currently stored on the server will be presented to you with some useful information. Use the same menu to check the status of a backup or skip a backup in progress.

How to Backup Mac using Time Machine on macOS Sierra

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Back up your Mac with Time Machine

Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Contact the vendor for additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Create a Time Machine backup To create backups with Time Machine, all you need is an external storage device. Connect an external storage device Connect one of the following external storage devices, sold separately. Select your storage device as the backup disk When you connect an external drive directly to your Mac, you might be asked if you want to use the drive to back up with Time Machine. If Time Machine doesn't ask to use your drive, follow these steps to add it manually: Open Time Machine preferences from the Time Machine menu in the menu bar.

how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac
how to use time capsule mac How to use time capsule mac

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