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We all found this game a diamond in the rough I have to agree with one player who commented that if this developer continues turning out games of this caliber My G'kids had a blast with this one and so did I I thought this was going to be a really scary game after seeing the witch The game is full of fun things to do The sound was excellent and the graphics are better than most All-in-all this game was well worth the purchase I don't think you'll be disappointed Rated 5 out of 5 by Poodlekins from Enjoyed this game After reading other reviews I decided to use a free game coupon - nothing ventured nothing gained!

Witchcraft: Pandora's Box

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, OK it was a bit confusing at times but the hint button proved useful as did the map. I had no glitches and certainly no freezing. These kind of games fascinate me, loved doing the runes and finding where to use them. I don't remember buying any games by this dev before.


Give it a try and hopefully enjoy it too. Rated 5 out of 5 by puppymonkeymommy from Phantasmat: Nothing like this game! I tried this demo and I didn't want to stop. Despite usually waiting until "bigger" discount specials, I wanted to continue because it had me hooked; it was fun! Rated 5 out of 5 by persephonie from A Little Gem This game was a complete surprise and a very pleasant one.

The opening was pretty basic graphics. But it then settled down to challenging gameplay. The fairy element may not be for everyone especially fans of Darker screen play Its bright and colourful No upping the brightness here!. The challenges within the game are a mixture of HOPs and puzzles ,despite the hint button recharging relatively fast there isn't too much in the way of hand holding and you do have to think for yourself over some tasks..

Kristidumplin, observed the task involving the rotating thing on a square seems impossible until I discovered it rotated the opposite way as well.

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I played for about 30 minutes on the demo far enough into the story line to know if it was worth while recommending. I would use a free game or a discount offer I suggest we watch out for these developers If they carry on producing games of this standard they will go far Date published: This game is enjoyable, with clear graphics, new puzzles, jump map, good hint system without much hand holding, and good HOPS that actually tried to hide the items. I don't know how long the game is, that will factor in to whether I purchase it.

Rated 4 out of 5 by chaka4 from Old school can be refreshing! I rarely write reveiws, but I thought this one deserved it. I get so bored with the newer games that lack interesting story lines and challenge.

They are cookie cutter clones that make me not want to purchase from BFG much anymore. But this one was fun for me. I liked the story and It wasn't always obvious what to do next. When I got stuck,I used the map to figure out where to go and what to do. Thanks for bringing back a game that made me remember why I joined BFG from the start!

Pandora's Box 5S - 999 In 1 Retro Arcade Game Console - In-Depth Review

My only disappointment was that you could not customize your options so I had to play with HOP sparkles, which I would rather not, Date published: Rated 4 out of 5 by lynnieann95 from Could have been really good Was really enjoying playing this old fashioned game but there is a glitch in the programme that on checking many many other players seem to come across is so much that the game freezes part way through when a rune is needed to be collected to progress and nothing I tried to do i.

I can only hope that the makers sort out this glitch and do a fix so we that have paid for it can play the rest of the game. In the meantime can only abandon and uninstall. I have given the game 4 stars as up until I came across the glitch I was engrossed in it. Rated 4 out of 5 by kristidumplin from Better than I expected!

I have never played a game from the developer of this one. At least, if I have, I don't recall. Anyhow - I was, frankly, surprised at the level of challenge in this game. You aren't going to get the WOW factor in this game that you have come to expect in most of the current hidden object games, but, the stuff I think helps in a game is in this one. There is a jump map that shows where you are, where the action is, and which places are unavailable. I don't have to wear out my shoe leather wandering about aimlessly.

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I like that. The hidden object scenes are about the same. Certain items require a step or two to get found and the scenes are interactive. Some items you really have to search for, and I like that. The colors are bright, scenes are easy to get around in. I'm not stumbling around in some murky room, madly clicking, hoping to find something that is on the list. The music is appropriate for the game, as well. Puzzles and mini-games are fine. For example, there are two bas-reliefs that need to be rebuilt.


You are asked to find 5 relief pieces, but, when you have gathered those 5 and go to build the reliefs, there are many more pieces to deal with. The ONLY thing I found in the 45 minutes or so that I played the game is a rotating square doo-dad that you have to turn to access a temple in the past, present, and future. If you turn it to a certain rune, you go to the past. Another to the present, and so on.

I got stuck and hit the very helpful hint button that showed me I needed to be on that rune. I went - and turned - and got nowhere. The hint button told me again that I needed to be at the square doo-dad. Various traps are there in places where you havent unexpected. Watch out if you want to pass the game successfully in the maze which is more likely a normal world. This is a game with cartoon and bright style, beautiful scenes and soft music. Totally different fancy levels will satisfy your appetite with no doubts.

Witchcraft: Pandora's Box

Have you got ready to accept this brand new challenge? Dont be hesitated, Show your talents to everyone in this game! Special characteristics: Totally different fancy levels. Masterly designed levels with plenty of items which can change the way the box moves. Nine characteristics and cute small monsters with different styles. Eighteen wondrous items. Inner designed routes which can help you cut corners and kill the monsters in the shortest time. Three standards for evaluation, Are you able to be the talents? Supported languages: Defend Homeland A classical TD game in which the snails fight against the ants.

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pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac
pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac
pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac
pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac
pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac
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pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac
pandora box game for mac Pandora box game for mac

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