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While there are many arguments for outsourcing email I would use Google at the end of the day I suspect you don't want to be paying monthly fees. Since you are clearly already very proficient with Windows exchange I think you should keep it. Your cost to upgrade is really not all that great and it's a one time cost. Window is very capable as a server supporting Macs.

Jan 27, 2: With regard to software compatability - we only have 1 piece of software that we use that is windows only, and 1 piece of web hosted software that will not work with Safari or Firefox and has to be explorer based - for which we currently either use a windows pc in the office, or run via Parallels in a windows emulation on the Macs quite happily - so software integration switching to Mac only would not be an issue.

The network is extremely small - we are talking about 3 workstations and a server - all of which would be mac rather than PC based - so the fact that PC's would become islands if we rolled out mac server would not be an issue. We have no plans to grow the network within the foreseeable future - and I can understand entirely the comments about you wouldn't ask it to run a station network. Running mail and calendars is extremely important to us, as is its ability to be able to sync update to iphones and ipads and send mail to those portable iOS devices.

The main issue I have with windows server is that it doesn't include Exchange at the level we can afford and then there is the ongoing cost of licencing on top of buying the software. It seems clear that the general consensus is that Windows Server is a far superior product overall - but is this based on the perception and needs of a strong organisation or a small organisation like ours with 3 work stations with only simple demands of a server programme. Feb 13, Thanks for all your views Gentleman - it really helped us. Feb 13, 3: May 18, 5: Hello Gav, we are currently at similar crossroads and were hoping you could give us an update on how it all went - pro's cons?

May 18, 6: We are part way through the process at the minute - the new Apple Mac Mini Server is installed and running our data drive and it appears generally to be absolutely fine for us. We are having a few teething troubles with permissions and file access being denied and accessing a drop box folder on the server drive - but this mainly relates to a windows machine which is still linked in to the network. In fairness I suspect that this is due to the way in which its been set up. Our usual IT specilaist is a windows man not an apple mac techie.

There is an Apple Server specialist coming in tomorrow to tweek it all to getting it running optimally as our Windows IT chap is a bit outside of his comfort zone, although has done a sterling job as far as his knowledge permits him to. We havent as yet rolled out mail and calendars but hope to do so in the next week or so - we've been looking for a mac equivalent of Chimera EFS for pop3 mail anyone got any suggestions?

I'll post back in the next few days once the Apple Bod has done his stuff - but to date our overall impressions of the new server is that it will work just fine, and for a fraction of the price of the equivalent MS software and licensing -. Thanks for your quick response and great to hear! Still looking for someone who has some Apple knowledge myself for setting up the DNS and connecting windows clients -. Aug 9, 8: Over the last 3 years we have been upgrading our XP's to windows 7 etc - something that also need a change in some of our apps.

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However our main plan has been to isolate the Windows server to be an archive and legacy reference on a VM environment. To do this 3 years ago we went over to a hosted exchange with rackspace and 18 month ago moved over to Office now that windows have reliable mac apps - we did this for less than the rackspace fees and have never had the exchange drop. Of late we have been upgrading PC's to the latest 1. Our next step once all mac we will virtualise the server for the sake of legacy reference.

We are now looking to add the Mac mini server to manage profiles and apps. Outside of that there really is very little it needs to do as it does not manage firewalls and virus software etc. We have a watchguard firebox between router and server. We use Fusion VM with windows 7 hate W8 on a mac for the occassion we need explorer banks and similar and Sage accounts. So whilst the cloud hosting services add a monthly or annual cost this weighs in significantly lower than the annual cost on service maintenance of a local exchange, virus subscriptions etc even after the annualised cost of the marginally more expensive mac hardware.

The added benefit is that with office all office apps are the latest version across all users - something you would end up having to pay for every couple of years to keep up with change. The only issue to be considered for this model - bandwidth - this would be a frustrating experience on a slow broadband feed of 5mb or below. Our three different sites are 15gb, 40gb and 50gb and thus find with staff syncing docs etc at once and with a SIPP phone system there are no issues.

MAC IT specialist are few, I suspect because there is limited work for them because the ecosystem works more reliably making it harder to draw a return. Jul 19, 6: Stumbled across this post from a while bacl and thought i'd provide a quick update. We are absolutely delighted with our roll out of a complete Mac OS Server environment - there were a couple of intial teething issues in the set up, which got resolved initially, and after that it has been absolutely seemless. It doesn't crash, freeze, fall over, shut itself down following updates.

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It just works and ticks every boxed we wanted it to. The only thing we havent been able to do so far and this is partly down to me not having the time is move our mail server in to the Mac Environment - this is still a windows box running Chimera EFS - so far we havent found a mac equivalent for POP3.

The only advice we would offer, is if you are not completely familair with setting up a Mac Server - get an Apple Specialist in to do it for - it will save hours of time and heartache! More Less.

How to use a Mac Mini as a file server

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Of course, Apple didn't come right out and say that.

As a result, some changes are coming in how Server works. Apple then presents you with a laundry list of deprecated services. An ordinary user won't have a clue about what getting rid of these will mean. A sysadmin will know at a glance that Apple is ripping the guts out of macOS Server. Read also: Ode to the Mac mini: Craving an update for Apple's little box that can do it all.

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First, Apple is getting rid of its calendar, contact, instant-messaging, and email servers. So, you can kiss Apple-supported internal communications goodbye. Apple doesn't say Profile Manager is history, but since Profile Manager is used to set up user accounts for mail, calendar, contacts, and messages -- and those services are being killed off -- its functionality will, at the least, be far more limited.

Good luck running a business network without those. If, for the sake of security, you've been booting systems with Apple NetBoot, you can kiss that goodbye, too. Do you have your remote workers login to your servers using a virtual private network VPN? Well, sorry about that, but you'll need to install a new VPN server. Oh, and have you been using macOS Server to run your web server? How about a wiki? Again, get ready to set them up by hand. Apple won't help you anymore with these.

Google moves to Debian for in-house Linux desktop. You'll still be able to use all these soon to be missing-in-action services in the forthcoming spring macOS Server update. But they will be removed in a future release of macOS Server. What should you do? Apple suggested you install and use replacement programs. I've looked over Apple's suggested software list.

macOS Server Will Lose Services Soon: Here Are Alternatives | Other World Computing Blog

If you're depending on macOS Server to run your business in the future, you're going to need an experienced full-time sysadmin. How to protect Windows Server from Meltdown and Spectre. On the topic of android clients, I have found it basically impossible. No amount of workarounds and such that I find will allow them to connect: The server just sits there and does its thing. The updates are always a scary process as we have sometimes have lost all Profile Manager settings and have to restore or bring Apple Support in to fix, which they are amazing at.

OS X Server: How is better than Linux/Solaris/WinServer?

The former for gateways, and the latter for a versatile small business server at remote offices. Save yourself the trouble and just go with Linux. I mean you could eventually get OSX to do all the things you want it to, but it would just be faster to use Linux. All of them will have good documentation and active communities to help with any problems you might have.

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I have Yosemite Server set up but only use it for Time Machine backups. It is reliable and as easy as it looks. I use it myself on a corporate environment that is entirely Mac and iOS based with a few freelance pcs from time to time. And if your primarily Mac based it works great. With Windows there are some issues with windows 7 and 8 clients connecting to the VPN, but Apple has supplied registry modification workarounds for connecting.

For the most part Yosemite server is pretty stable, but be wary of upgrades as they're released. Always always always backup the server machine with either Carbon Copy or time machine before doing the update. I've yet to have one where I didn't need to restore back for a few days and try again mainly due to Profile Manager corruptions.

Note to that the default file sharing method for Nfs I believe is only supported for booting off network startup disks, not standard file sharing but I could be wrong. Also with VPN, if you plan to use it for Internet sharing sending all Internet traffic over the tunnel check out http: It the first time I used a server at home so I can't really compare from others. But let me tell you this. As someone working in an IT department, I found it really easy to set it up. I installed a clean image of Yosemite, then downloaded the Server app from the App Store. The machine is stable and always responsive.

I had to install the latest The RAM was maxed 4gb and the swap memory was around 2gb. Active Directory tends to take more and more memory each day, but I find it's not a problem to reboot as I'm the only one using this machine. Is there any advantage using server on a new Mac mini I use for file storage and a media center at home? A Mac Mini is in my opinion the best machine for a home server. It's small, doesn't consume much energy and you could let it plugged it to a TV at all time if you want to.

It's kind of beautiful next to a TV! The application works well inside my network but also when I'm at school. It might be a solution for those who want to run a Mac Mini without a screen or TV. I know how awesome it is, that's why I bought one ; I am just curious for a single user does Yosemite server offer any advantage for me? Currently the only thing I use osx server for is for VPN because it's the only thing that can push routes to OSX clients and doesn't need the user to download software.

I never had any luck with time machine backup over network, no idea what possibly could have been set up wrong. You can get a Time Machine appliance it's basically an Airport Extreme router with a had drive inside for Time Machine functionality. Linux will do everything else better. OS X is really not as easy as Apple's other software solutions. Some of the setup and maintenance is downright infuriating.

Have you considered a Raspberry Pi? It can do all this if you buy the latest Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2. Not to mention that compared to almost any other solution it has a bunch of external components like power supply, storage, wires Maybe if you have a Pi lying around doing nothing else I use my Pi as a server and haven't experienced any bottlenecks I even stream 4K with it Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit Link. Submit Self-Post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Opinion: Mac Pro server vs Mac Mini server for JSS and file shares

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Not sure what to buy? This subreddit is not endorsed or sponsored by Apple Inc. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Specifically, I am interested in: The way I see it, OSX server's main benifits to me would be: Want to add to the discussion?

Post a comment! Create an account. Apple features work great, like Time Machine. Easy to use if you stay in Server. More popular on EC2 than Amazon Linux? Citation needed. You can even remodel the interior if you want. Sounds like a shit place to be a landlord.

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