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Try Free. Buy Now. Mac Photo Editor from Movavi: Create Flawless Visuals Photos capture the precious moments of our lives. Try Free Buy Now. Remove six gondolas. Download Movavi Photo Editor and check out all the features of the program. Magic Enhance. Looking for a way to restore photos taken decades ago?

Hide creases and white spots. Learn more about auto-restoration in this video. Watch Video Watch Video. Remove freckles. White Balance Adjust the lighting in images. Effects Apply a range of creative and subtle filters to create different looks.

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Text Insert captions and titles, add decorative elements. Retouching Remove blemishes, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of shine, and correct red-eye. Crop, Rotate, Resize Improve composition, straighten the horizon, shrink images for the Web. Color Correction Make your colors richer while keeping skin tones natural-looking.

Makeup Airbrush digital eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick onto your portraits. Inserting Combine images and image elements to make collages.

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Noise Reduction Use presets to reduce digital noise in low-light photos. Reshaping Alter face shapes and silhouettes, sculpt noses, enlarge eyes. Change Out Backgrounds Replace the background, make it transparent, or set any color as the new background. Tech Specs. This feature is helpful as otherwise you would have to save your image with the lowest possible exposure setting, bring it back into the editor, and repeat the process.

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Being able to simply change the minimum and maximum values can save a lot of time. Photos has you covered even then because its powers can be extended using extensions! Various Photos extensions can add more features to the software and can be helpful in getting your images to look the way you want.

For example, Luminar can be used as an extension in Photos, bringing professional grade editing tools to the default Mac photo editor. It comes with a free trial so you can take it for a spin with all of its features before you decide whether to buy. Luminar is an inexpensive but very capable photo editor with a fresh interface, unlike other advanced editors. Give Luminar a try if Photos doesn't offer everything you need. Please check your inbox.

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We have sent e-book to your email. Join a growing Skylum community of amazing photographers. It's more than a regular newsletter. It actually brings stuff that matters. Welcome to the Community! Use Luminar 3 for free for 30 days. Already have an account? Sign in. Sign up. Your social profile will be connected to your Skylum account, so you can use it to sign in in future. Contact the vendor for additional information.

Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. How to edit photos on your Mac Learn how to edit like a pro with the intuitive editing tools built into Photos for macOS. Before you begin Update the software on your Mac to make sure that you're using the latest version of macOS.

How to edit photos on your Mac

To ensure that all of your photos are available for editing, turn on iCloud Photos on your Mac and your other devices. Adjust Use the powerful tools in Adjust to fine-tune your photo's light, color, sharpness, and more.

Crop Straighten your photo, improve its composition, or get rid of parts that you don't want. Edit with third-party apps You can edit images from your Photos library with third-party apps, such as Photoshop and Pixelmator, right from the Photos app.

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More editing tools Extensions Third-party extensions expand your editing options in Photos. Published Date: Wed Sep 26 Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities.

a photo editor for mac A photo editor for mac
a photo editor for mac A photo editor for mac
a photo editor for mac A photo editor for mac
a photo editor for mac A photo editor for mac
a photo editor for mac A photo editor for mac

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