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My vehement distaste for PowerPoint burns with the heat of a thousand suns, but, alas, it is the tool I am forced to use to create a very straightforward presentation that will run during a banquet. Each slide will have the honoree's photo and some text.

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Everything is static -- no animations or fancy transitions -- and the slides will be advanced by a human being. From what I have found by googling, it appears there is no way to embed fonts in the Mac version to circumvent font issues. If this method is not a good strategy, is there some other way to go about it? You can set it to run in Full Screen mode. PM me if you want pointers or troubleshooting.

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I used to teach InDesign. Serum's homepage! Find all posts by B.

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Embedded fonts in PowerPoint for Mac

Originally Posted by B. Uh, yes. Find all posts by jz Originally Posted by freckafree. I was definitely going to say: Unless you make the JPEGs rather large, the text is going to look kinda fuzzy. PDFs are a piece of cake. I shall go that route. Thanks, one and all, for the advice!

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Mr Downtown. I solved this problem by making my labels in PowerPoint, selecting them, right-clicking, and Save as Picture-ing them as PNGs to temporary files.

How to Use Mac Fonts in PowerPoint Presentations

That way, as noted, my presentations can travel on a thumb drive without caring what computer or version of PowerPoint they're running on. As of February , PowerPoint for Mac added support for embedded fonts. Using this new capability in PowerPoint for Mac, Figure 2 shows what the not-very-pretty presentation from Figure 1 looks like after properly embedding the Mac fonts that are not available in Windows.

Before I show you how to embed fonts, I need to explain about the two approaches to font embedding, and the pros and cons of each approach.

How to Embed Fonts With Mac Word | It Still Works

For this, you must use a third-party utility. PowerPoint for Windows has the ability to embed fonts, so no third-party utility is generally needed. The creator of a font can mark it as non-embeddable.

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For such a font, you must use the outline method shown in Figure 3. See Figure 7. For years now, whenever I wanted to use a special font in a PPT presentation — and wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to see the text in this font correctly — I used a free WinPowerPoint add-in, Text to Outline. I would move my presentation to Windows, open it up in WinPowerPoint, use this add-in, and then move the presentation back to Mac. User profile for user: Xenic Xenic. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: I've searched every way I can think of, in help, manual here and other forum sites.

This would appear to make it certain that keynote cannot embed fonts in a document for portability as alas, ppt can. Can anyone give me a definitive answer? I'm forced to do a presentation on an unknown AV setup on the road, with no time or access to import a font or two. So I can use text images pixel in slides, but many vector magic tricks are then unusable. All replies Drop Down menu.

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Loading page content. Video Speciality level out of ten: The text will appear in Preview. Save as a PDF. Import the PDF into Keynote. Replace the text with the PDF. The PDF file will be a victor image, not a graphic image. Text will still be scaleable. I don't know without seeing what you want to use the text for if this would work for you. Copy the fonts and take them with you.

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