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Point and click RPG - the game is fairly simple to learn.

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There's alot of different classes and skills and stuff, but basically you're limited to 2 classes, and set skills. For a gamer the game is plenty complicated but hardcore RPG players will feel it's dumbed down. As somebody else mentioned good teamwork is essential, but solo-ing is possible. Low system requirements - factions and nightfall are beautiful games prophecies is ok visually , and they don't really require very powerful systems to fully max out the graphics.

Online only - there's no subscription costs but if you don't have internet for some various reason you can't play which sucks. Also there's no user created content.

Nice thing is you get plenty of skills, but the bad thing is it can be overwhelming if you aren't use to it. Also if you aren't use to d20 there's going to be a bunch of new stuff thrown your way that's going to confuse the heck out of you at first. Very high system requirements - even with the super badass system expect the game to run like crap. Maybe after a few patches it'll get better, but who knows.

Even then the graphics are so-so IMO. Also if it's like the first one there will be tons of user created content. I agree with you on that. I was in no way defending the other characters in NWN1. Most of it was bland and felt like more of a "see what you can do with our toolset" type of thing for the OC. I just needed to give Deekin some props. At least the expansions had a lot more to offer character and story wise. Guild Wars is similar to Diablo 2, only with much more intelligent gameplay - most missions require parties, co-operation, strategy, etc.

There's enough in both the PvE and the PvP for most players to enjoy it, and it has low system requirements. It looks great the high-level spellcaster battles look amazing! Also, the controls are a bit fiddly - it's best just to control everything with the mouse. I know Guild Wars has PvE and I know it is pretty enjoyable at times, but it just doesnt do it for me.

I didn't enjoy either. Guild Wars isn't a MMO, so your missing out. Regardless of what type of game Guild Wars is, how am I missing out on not playing a game I dislike? Neverwinter Nights 2 has a boring unfinished linear story with a terrible ending, boring locations, uninteresting characters I think GW is the better game. Also, if you plan on doing alot of online play, forget about NWN2. Last time I checked, there was like populated servers more then 4 people playing , and they were pretty much all role playing servers. So if you don't like to be forced to run around saying "Greetings!

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GW on the other hand, is a huge game, that allows you to do many things, and caters to different types of players. Want PvE? No problem! There is at least 60 hours of PvE stuff to do. Like PvP? Well then this is one of the absolute best PvP games availible. You can help by modifying the article. The discussion page may contain useful suggestions. Name Notes Heart of Thorns Purchase includes the core game and an upgraded account.

Keyboard and mouse Native Notes Remapping. Audio options Native Notes Separate volume controls. Parameter Description -StreamingClient Allows the client to stream patches in the background while in game. Port 80 is recommended when using this switch. Technical specs Supported Notes bit executable. TransGaming Inc.

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Guild Wars Factions. Guild Wars Nightfall. Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Heart of Thorns.

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The only problem i have is that i am underlevel for certain quests so i have to ''grind'' the hearts on the current zone and stuff not sure if thats considered grinding. I played for a few hours the other day and didn't see another player in any of the level areas that I was wandering through. I'm guessing that people still play it, but it's definitely lacking the life that it had at launch.

It's not really a grind because there're more to that, there're randomly generated events which you can accomplish with doing it along with another people. New patch introduced megaservers, which is basically dynamic server merges. Killed the RP population apparently and throws together different languages.

Player-made Modifications

Some servers are practicly ghost towns, with other servers being really active. It has a decent and healthy population, but it is nowhere near as big as it was at launch. It is worth noting that the population is heavily focused in particular zones, primarily the WvW map, low level areas, high level areas and wherever Arenanet decides to pull the herd next.

Unfortunately the sPvP mode is very niche, with the awful community, single game mode, low skill ceiling and hilariously bad balance not helping.

guild wars 2 mods mac Guild wars 2 mods mac
guild wars 2 mods mac Guild wars 2 mods mac
guild wars 2 mods mac Guild wars 2 mods mac
guild wars 2 mods mac Guild wars 2 mods mac
guild wars 2 mods mac Guild wars 2 mods mac
guild wars 2 mods mac Guild wars 2 mods mac

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